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What's the difference between atom type and four column type travel head cutting machine


The difference of Atom type and Four column type travel head cutting machine.

1, Cutting speed: Four column type cutting speed is a little slower than Atom type, but this speed difference is not obvious.

2,   Cutting pressure: Even those two machine with Max. cutting pressure 30T, the four column type in fact with higher cutting pressure than Atom type. Because the four column type with two oil cylinders.

3,   The oil cylinders position: 

Four column type there two oil cylinders under working table, even meet the problem of oil leakaged caused by old sealing ring used for more than 3 or 5 years, the machine can keep working. 

Atom type, the oil cylinder is above the working table, if meet the same problem, the leakage oil will drop on the material, and the machine can't keep working.

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